i can’t believe that i am done with college. it still hasn’t fully sunk in yet…it’s beginning to, but it still just feels like finals week to me. it’s such a weird feeling. after going to school from august until may for as long as i can remember, it feels strange to know that i won’t be starting again in the fall. although it is strange, i can’t wait. i am so excited for whatever is next for me. i don’t know exactly what it is, but i’m ready for a new adventure.

yesterday we had the COM department dinner, and it was wonderful. diane got it catered by harvest moon – boiled shrimp, potatoes and mexican cornbread. it was delicious. and the brownies were AMAZING. i’m pretty sure they were the best brownies i’ve ever had…and i’ve had a lot of brownies 🙂 anyway, after dinner we played some bocce ball, and it was so much fun. i am truly going to miss the people that have all had a part in shaping who i am. i am convinced that i have had the best professors…and they have the cutest kids 🙂

i’m so ready for summer and for more days like this one – hanging out, watching tv and doing nothing except what i want to do 🙂

currently listening to: martha stewart talking about some sort of neckroll or something…


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