what a mighty God we serve.

have you ever thought to yourself, “i am about to die” and really believed it? i hadn’t until yesterday when i was stuck in a car and tornado was a mile away. it’s basically the weirdest feeling in the world, i think. i couldn’t even see the road. it was so dark and stormy. hail was coming down, and limbs and leaves were flying all around me. i know that God was holding me in that moment. God never ceases to amaze me. it’s so incredible to me what a powerful God we serve. He’s powerful enough to uproot trees and throw trampolines from one yard to the next, but also powerful enough to make sure that our house wasn’t damaged at all. i am in awe.

on a lighter note, i am SO glad that david cook is our american idol 🙂 i can’t wait for the concert.

currently listening to: fox 5 news talk about a 15-year old middle schooler…

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  1. Tracy

    i’m thankful for your life! love you SO much!!

    and august 18th will be AMAZING!

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