in lieu of my last post, i’d like to second the fact that i still need a job. i would also like to add that i am currently thinking that i would like a job doing event planning/organization and also the marketing/advertising for those events. i decided that tonight on the way home from a dinner with the hospitality team at my church and then some starbucks. i’m sick of people asking me what i want to do and not having anything to say, so now i have something to say. finally. i just hope that what i want is possible. i don’t want to work in a job where i’m unhappy just to get experience, but if i have to, then i guess that’s my only choice…it’s just not my first. well, i guess that’s about all for now. tomorrow, i begin the hardcore search…after i watch regis & kelly and take my car in to get “tuned up”…whatever that really means…cars don’t play any music, so i’m not sure why you have to tune them, but then again, i don’t really know that much about cars, so…there’s my plan.

currently listening to: josh groban sing “february song”


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2 responses to “finally.

  1. Tracy

    excellent plan, my friend 🙂 you’ll be awesome at event planning/organization… i mean that.

    p.s. look at what time i posted this comment. that stupid black and white mocha. i slept like… not much last night. haha

  2. Oak Leaf Church

    all things are possible, even sleep after espresso drinks

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