i love the word "stoked." i’m bringing it back.

this week has been great, and i’m thinking the weekend is going to get even better 🙂 other than the fact that bekah hasn’t been here for me to drive around aimlessly and spend way too much money at target with, the week has been wonderful.

i’m so glad that bekah made it to romania and i can’t wait to hear all about it!! i’m pretty sure she was traveling for a solid 24 hours. not exactly my idea of fun. i barely like traveling for six or seven hours…i can’t imagine 24.

so, back to my week 🙂 i really didn’t do much. i laid out a couple of times with evan and trace…my shoulders got a little burnt, but it was totally worth it. i just relaxed, and on thursday, i went to barnes & noble, target, and the woodstock (now it’s fillmore) coffeehouse. i love days to myself sometimes. they are refreshing 🙂 last night, my parents and i ate at chick-fil-a and then looked at cars!!!! i need a new car. it’s looking up for me in that area…now i need a job 🙂

we are leaving soon to go down and visit my grandparents for father’s day. i’m so excited. they live south of atlanta, so we don’t get to see them as often as i’d like to. we won’t be there for too long, but getting to see them will be great 🙂 after i get back from that, i am driving to rome to hang out with trace all weekend, and i am pretty stoked about that 🙂

currently listening to: the whir of my fan…some birds chirping…and a little colbie to start the morning 🙂

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