“it blew up.”

i just want to say that i love tracy’s sister lauren. seriously. she cracks me up, and she is so cute….well, in the last six months she’s become more like gorgeous (she’s grown up a lot). the point of all this is to tell you this story:

yesterday, lauren came to hang out with tracy and me, and after a while, she decided that she wanted a brownie. tracy and i were hanging out in the living room, and lauren went to get a brownie and heat it up in the microwave…after a bit, all we here from the kitchen is, “uh…it blew up.” tracy and i were a little confused, but we jumped up to find the kitchen FULL of smoke and it was pouring into the dining room. i just want to say that lauren tried to microwave the brownie for a minute. 60 seconds. that’s about six times as many seconds as needed to sufficiently do the job. we opened all the doors and windows to try and air it out, but unfortunately it still smells this morning. i think we’re going to try and get some oust today.

currently listening to: jason mraz


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