still searching.

i just want to say that i have not found the job search very easy or very fun. i’m still not that worried about it, though 🙂 the only thing that i really need (other than income) is to have insurance, so that’s why i still look everyday to see if i can find something.

our internet is out right now. i find that extremely annoying. it’s not like spring break when not having the internet was kind of liberating, it’s just like, “well. now i can’t even pretend to be productive while watching tv, because i can’t even search for jobs. i can do nothing.” that being said, my brother is taking care of his best friend’s dogs while he’s on vacation, so i’ve been going over there with him to steal their wireless, and right now, i’m at the woodstock public library for the second time in two days using their wireless.

i laid out by the pool today, and i just want to say that i love summer. to read about my favorite summer, you should check out tracy‘s blog, because she did a perfect job of describing it 🙂

currently listening to: nothing. something’s humming to my right. i can hear people turning pages. someone is trying to check out a book. one lady is talking really loudly on her phone…in the library. she obviously didn’t learn about inside voices and how you are supposed to be quiet in the library.


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