july 4th :)

every 4th of july, my family and i go to blue ridge, where we have a house on the toccoa river. it’s one of my favorite traditions, because it is one of the two times that i get to see some of my favorite family members 🙂 i know you’re not supposed to pick favorites, and i really love them all the same, and blah, blah, blah, but let’s get real. my cousin christopher is one year older than me, so we’ve always been pretty close, especially as we’ve gotten older. he is my grandfather’s brother’s grandson…if that makes sense. anyway, that whole side of my family lives in florida, so we only see them on the 4th and thanksgiving…when we do this day-after-thanksgiving-eat-as-much-as-you-can thanksgiving celebration. it’s really awesome, actually. this year was a blast, and probably the first year in my entire life that i haven’t seen fireworks on the 4th of july, but i didn’t mind 🙂 i love being with my family that i rarely get to see.

i really love oak leaf church. i’ve said it before, but this morning as i was driving to cartersville, i just couldn’t wait to get there. i love seeing everyone, and i love smiling at people and greeting them when they come in. michael‘s message was awesome this morning (actually, i thinks it’s pretty awesome every sunday…), and everyone should check it out online…last week’s was also really good, so i would watch/listen to that one too 🙂 on a side note: i am so psyched about going back to the theater on july 20!!

mart begins this week, so from wednesday…well, friday until next tuesday, i will be in a constant state of exhaustion. seriously. long days. i’ll be missing bekah even more than normal this week…it will be so weird to be doing mart without her…and to be spending the night at her house without her…haha. i’m really bummed about not being at church on sunday. like i said, i can hardly wait for sundays to roll around so that i can go to church, so i’m pretty sad about this coming sunday…i’ll probably watch it online 🙂

currently listening to: the taxi (i’m kind of obsessed right now)…plus some thunder outside 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Tracy

    you’re not even kidding about missing bek more than usual this week. at least you’ll have me one of those days 🙂

    lovey. amorey. ♥.

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