the fact that that’s all one word kind of bothers me, but that’s the real name. friday through monday, i spent my days waking up between 4:30 and 5:00, leaving canton, standing up all day, then leaving atlanta at 6:00-ish, getting back to the britts’ house, going to bed and doing it all over again. tuesday, however was break down. that means that we had to leave even earlier (i woke up at 4:15), drive the GIANT truck in to downtown atlanta, stop showing at 3:00 instead of 6:00 and then completely pack up all of the pillows, tea towels, lights, shelves, carpet and a number of other things that we used in booth 3-1-240. for those of you who watch gilmore girls (and everyone should), in the dance marathon episode, break down would be equivalent to the run-around. i block it out every year for a really good reason…it’s horrible.

taylor & coultas is the company that i work for selling pillows and tea towels. it was started 20 years ago by debbie bartz, and until last year, everything we sold was handmade by about 30 seamstresses in central illinois. we’ve recently changed that, so we had to move from booth 3-2-201 to 3-1-240…it was sad because we had to leave behind some of our favorite neighbors. james sells this AMAZING pottery that his sister makes, and i finally bought a piece. it’s awesome. michael was another one of our neighbors, and he makes this really incredible stuff out of iron…book shelves, wine racks…it’s really cool. our new neighbors are pretty cool too – jimmy & chris sell nativities and ornaments that are carved out of olive wood (they’re from bethlehem!!) and dave sells rafia šŸ™‚ they are all cool people, and i really enjoyed getting to know them…luckily, we still saw james and michael a lot too šŸ™‚

now that it’s over, it seems like the longest week ever, but also extremely short. it’s weird, and although i’m hoping that a job will keep me from working the entire january show, i want to at least go in and see everyone šŸ™‚ working everyday = complete exhaustion. my entire body is sore, and i want nothing more than to sit and do nothing all day. too bad i have stuff to do šŸ™‚

currently watching: days of our lives (on SOAPnet) and listening to roofers that are re-roofing our house. they have been here since 7:47, and it really sounds like someone is beating on my skull with a hammer…not fun.


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