so, i turned 22 yesterday. considering the week (really, the month) that i had, it’s pretty needless to say that my birthday snuck up on me. i think that 22 is a very weird age. i think 23 will be weirder, though, because at least 22 is the same number twice, which is kind of cool…i know, i’m weird, but nothing cool happens when you turn 22…23…or 24…or any age after 25. the only thing that happens when you turn 25 is that you can rent a car…and apparently a beach house. i’m thinking that 23 is probably going to be like 19. or 12. both are very uneventful ages. i’m sure that my analysis of ages is probably lame, but it’s all i really have to say, so… 🙂

oh, we did eat at maggiano’s for dinner last night and it was like WHOA! good. tracy was going to try and surprise me, but she had a super long meeting…it’s the thought that counts…and i really mean that 🙂

currently watching: regis & kelly…our tv is back!!

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