some stuff i’m looking forward to…

as lame as this may be, these are the shows that i can’t wait to watch:

one tree hill: september 1
america’s next top model: september 3
dancing with the stars: september 22
THE OFFICE!: september 25
samantha who?: october 6
the bachelor: not sure, but i’m excited 🙂
american idol: january 2009
LOST: “early 2009” whatever that means

so…i’m not obsessed with television, but i do like it 🙂 in addition to those shows, i’m always excited about regis & kelly, days of our lives (it’s so ridiculous, and i love to laugh at it), wheel of fortune and jeopardy! i love them. i’ve also been trying to decide if i want to give kath & kim (10/9) a chance or if it’s going to be too ridiculous. um, i guess this was just a tv show update. i love television…obviously.

currently watching: the closing ceremony…leona lewis and jimmy page are jamming right now 🙂

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