it has been too long since i last updated this thing. things after labor day have been pretty hectic, though, so that’s probably why 🙂 we started doing a lot of packaging with Premier, and although my last two weeks are blending together a little, i know that brian, peter and lee worked a lot harder than i did, so the last two weeks are probably a blur to them. i’m excited to get back to some normalcy in the office this week 🙂 i feel like i was really out of touch with everyone in the last two weeks, so i’m looking forward to that getting back to normal as well.

bekah and i joined a new journey group with rachel glanzer and mache thigpin, and i am so so so excited about it 🙂 we met for the first time last tuesday night, and i know that this is going to be a great experience for us. don’t get me wrong, i love our berry journey group from last year, but i’m pretty excited to be in an all girl journey group. i am also excited to really get to know more people 🙂 in case you haven’t noticed, i am really excited 🙂

so, yesterday i rode down to LaGrange with bekah’s family to watch her brother play football, and can i just say that i had a blast. i love football. i love it. i love tailgating. i love watching other football fans. i love the game, and i love screaming so loud that i damage my vocal chords 🙂 i do have a really ridiculous-looking sunburn today (the sun was mostly on the left side of my body the entire game), but it’s totally worth it. unfortunately, we didn’t win, but the guys played so so so well, and the refs made some pretty crappy calls. i’m not one to always call, “ref,” but they did make some calls that i really think changed the outcome of the game. oh well, what matters is that the guys played their hearts out, and they looked so good out there 🙂

so, i’ve been watching a lot of the office lately. if you’ve talked to me at all, then you know this, but i just really love it. i laugh in every episode. that show has some of the most talented writers, directors and actors ever. gosh. i love it.

hopefully it won’t take me quite as long to update as it did last time, but you never know. i tend to get distracted…story of my life.

currently listening to: u2. i love this band.


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  1. Leanna

    yay for the office!!!!

    i love you, friend!

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