okay, this whole wait-in-line-for-three-hours-to-get-gas thing is ridiculous. i just feel like if people would act normal, then a lot of the “crisis” would solve itself. clearly, there are some big issues that we would still need to deal with, but if people will just get gas like normal instead of filling up every gallon, then i think that would take care of the ridiculous lines and the out-of-gas gas stations. i also think that if we would just spend money like normal too, then the economy will start correcting itself as well. i’m not saying that we all need to go out and just buy tons of stuff that we don’t need, but if we don’t spend, then the economy just stops basically. anyway, just my thoughts on this ridiculous gas “crisis” and our slowing economy…let’s spend our way out of it! 🙂

currently listening to: firewood production and bagging 🙂

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