i love my life.

i love my friends. my family. my church. my dog. even my cat (my cat’s really the only cat i like).

i love that i work for one of my best friends. that i’m in a journey group with people who get me. that i go to the best church around. that even though i’ve been thinking that my car was going to just break for the last six months, lucy is still moving. that God answers prayers.

i love smiling. drinking starbucks. laughing. talking. playing the piano. singing. reading. shopping. watching tv. watching movies. taking pictures. acting silly. listening. driving. creating. walking barefoot in the grass.

i love red wine. the way fall smells. oak leaf church. the way it smells after rain. when i have a good hair day. a new pair of shoes. macbooks. a good bag. jeopardy! television in general. football. the olympics. my camera. my iPod. GAP. target. new york city.

i could go on for hours about the stuff in my life that i love. i think that’s definitely a good thing 🙂 i love my life.



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3 responses to “i love my life.

  1. Tracy

    what a fun post. love you so much. thanks for being one of my very best friends in the entire world. i don’t know what i would do without you.

  2. Bekah

    this sounds like an excerpt from “the happy book!” and i love it. 🙂

  3. Rach

    I am so glad that you are a happy girl!!! You are great! Love you!!!!

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