just in case you were wondering…

here are some pretty random facts about me:

i took piano lessons for…i don’t even know how long, and even though i don’t play as much as i should, when i sit down in front of one, i always feel at home.

i played the violin in 5th grade.

my best friend growing up was a boy, and i always thought that was normal…then one day he asked me to be his girlfriend, and i said no. we weren’t as good of friends after that.

i am addicted to caffeine, but as i have said countless times, it could be worse. it could be crack.

one summer at church camp, i ran into a bunk bed and had a giant “goose egg” on my head.

as a general rule, i am very clutzy, which should make that last fact very…un-surprising. that should be a word.

sometimes i make up words.

i had the chicken pox twice…and i gave them to my brother – ha!

i cheered football & competition for six years.

one time, i knocked over one of my mom’s flower pots and broke it, and then i told her it was my brother. she made evan sit in time out, while i could play. i felt really guilty, but i never told her the truth.

i tend to remember what i was wearing for some really random memories…if that didn’t make sense, i’ll try to clarify…

one time when i was camping with my family (in a pop-up camper), a bird pooped on my head. i was wearing a purple shirt that had belle from beauty & the beast on it, and matching purple shorts.

i am the queen of writing 10-page papers overnight…a very bad habit to get into.

in elementary school, my friend and i started an “i hate heather wheeler” club, and i felt so bad that i cried when i got home, and asked my mom to pray for me before i went to sleep.

i know all the words to too many barry manilow songs.

i have more shoes and bags than i care to count.

i have cried in a lot of commercials…mostly publix, or anything that has kids, especially with leukemia. also, if it has old people, or kids that you can “adopt” through some program…and even the abused animal ones. wow.

i’m probably one of the biggest pack-rats i’ve ever known…next to my grandmother and my mother. it’s genetic.

that’s all for now. when i think of some more good ones, maybe i’ll put them on here 🙂

currently listening to: the elephant love medley from moulin rouge…a movie that makes me smile and cry.

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