i’m really frustrated with this presidential election right now. i feel like that is the general feeling surrounding this november, but it really is just frustrating. i feel like there’s no good choice here, which is disappointing. i honestly feel like i’m going to voting for who i dislike less instead of who i feel can best lead our nation. i feel like i’ve researched both candidates equally, and i still don’t feel like i like either of them enough. also, whenever i read something or hear someone arguing for either mccain or obama, i want to vote for the other. i know that for me, it’s going to come down to just one thing that makes my decision…either that or it’s going to come down to who scares me the least. i feel like this post doesn’t really have a point other than to express my frustration and illustrate my confusion…it’s probably confusing to read. oh well. i can’t wait to find out who will be our country’s next president…then i can start preparing myself 🙂


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