does anyone else ever feel like all the good movies come out at once? i can think of about ten movies that are in theaters right now that i wouldn’t mind seeing. and it sucks that movies are like a billion dollars each after 3:00 in the afternoon…since when did 3:00 become the cut-off for the matinee?

in lieu of the movie post, here are some of my favorite new movies of 2008 that you should totally check out…in no particular order 🙂

21, Baby Mama, Get Smart (i love steve carell), The Dark Knight (duh), What Happens In Vegas (better than i expected) and Sex & the City was pretty good…

and here are the ones i want to see that are in theaters: Australia, Marley & Me, Bedtime Stories, Valkyrie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (which is getting remedied tomorrow), Seven Pounds, Quantum of Solace (still haven’t seen it…lame), Doubt, Bolt (you can laugh) and possibly Gran Torino.

and the ones that aren’t: The Duchess, Burn After Reading, Definitely Maybe, Changeling, Leatherheads, Made of Honor (i know that’s lame, but i just want to see it), Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day, Rachel Getting Married (it’s got some Oscar buzz), Vantage Point (it didn’t get the best reviews, but I still want to see it)…

last thing: the movie i hated most = Forgetting Sarah Marshall. which i didn’t even want to see.

currently watching: House.

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  1. Jacob and Jessica Willis

    Marley and Me is super cute! It is a bit of a tear-jerker, but you will love it!

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