WARNING: this post is kind of lame…well, sappy-ish

i just wanted to take a moment and give an old school shout out to all the girls in my journey group 🙂 when journey groups started back up, bekah and i were looking for a change of scenery…and somewhere closer to home, so hannah told me about this “ladies only” journey group. well, we went to the first…meeting? i don’t know, anyway, we met mache and rachel at starbucks, and instantly fell in love (in the most non-homo way possible). laura quickly joined too, and hannah even got to come to…one (she had a really busy schedule!!) 🙂

anyway, i can’t really imagine not being a part of this journey group. i know that sounds lame, but i’m totally serious. i can’t wait for tuesday nights and seeing all my girls. now (this is shocking) we don’t always stick to the script (a.k.a. our bible study book…about moods – ha!), but that time is invaluable. i have grown so close to these girls in the last several months, and i really can’t imagine them not in my life…which also sounds kind of lame, but is very true.

rachel: you have brought some awesome joy into my life. i love being crazy with you, and i’m so thankful that we can be crazy and serious together. thanks for helping me laugh 🙂

mache: holy crap. can i just say that i love our lunch dates? i’m pretty sure you already knew that, but i just love getting to hang out with you almost every day. i have never felt so comfortable with someone so quickly. you’re awesome. thanks for always encouraging me and making me smile 🙂

laura: i love being around you – you are always full of energy 🙂 i’m so glad that you are such a big part of my life. thanks for being so fun 🙂

bekah: well, what is there to say that you don’t already know? you have been a life-changing influence in my life, and i’m so thankful that we get to share this experience too 🙂 thanks for dancing with me 🙂

i just really love all the girls in my journey group, and i know that my life wouldn’t be the same without them. love you girls!

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  1. rglanzer

    Awwww, Thanks SOOO much!! You are soo awesome! You are very wonderful too!!! You have become a very close friend of mine, and I couldn’t be happier!


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