LOST and The Office.

LOST: this show blow my mind. i get so excited when i can make a connection. i love when they answer questions, but i also love when they leave you hanging. that’s why this show is so addicting. i didn’t even watch it on television for the first three seasons. one of my professors and my old boss got me hooked on it. i can think of at least one day that i didn’t even leave my room that summer because i couldn’t tear myself away from the television. how ridiculous is that?! i just love it. whether it’s trying to figure out whether or not i like richard alpert or who kate’s going to end up with, i love the questions and answers…even if they do take a while 🙂 awesome show with excellent writing, acting and direction.

The Office: i am in love with this show. this is another show that i didn’t exactly watch all of on television…in fact, i watched an entire season in one night after i bought them. i started watching one day, and just fell in love. its clever writing never gets old and always catches me off guard. i mean i’m also a sucker for a good love story, so the whole pam and jim thing got me too, but i always laugh in this show. i just can’t get over how funny it is.

well, i guess i just wanted to talk about my two favorite shows. if i had to pick to shows to keep watching, it would be these two. i mean, we all know that i’m addicted to several other tv shows, but these are the ones that i really can’t live without.

currently watching: full house.

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