american idol recap: week one.

oh, american idol. i’m completely addicted to this show. i love it. i love watching it every year, and i almost always cry when whoever wins. every year, trace and i go to the concert, and i’m already stoked about this year! tonight was michael jackson night, and i won’t lie. i like michael jackson. okay, this is a long post, but whatevs. oh, and one more thing: why was paula wearing feathers? also, i think she was totally stoned.

lil rounds: first of all, i love her. she has a great story, a great personality and an amaaaaaaaaaazing voice. i think that she’ll be staying in this competition for quite some time. tonight, she sang “the way you make me feel” and rocked it! she put her own little soulful twist on the pretty pop-y song. i loved it…and, well, i love that song anyway.

scott macintyre: what a beautiful person. he was born almost entirely blind, and he plays the piano better than most pianists who can see. this guy is beyond talented. scott sang “keep the faith,” and although it’s not one of michael jackson’s most well-known songs, he did a great job, and really sold it (to me at least).

danny gokey: okay, who doesn’t love this guy? not only does he have a wonderful heart, but this boy can SANG! tonight, he sang p.y.t. (pretty young thing), and like always, he blew me away 🙂 he is always so soulful and has some serious stage presence. i could deffffffinitely go to a danny gokey concert. um…it wouldn’t surprise me if he was at least in the top three…i can’t call the winner just yet 🙂

michael carver: what a great guy. he has a good heart and a great story – he’s totally likeable and relateable. he sang “you are not alone” tonight, and did a very good job…i don’t think he’s the best, but he is a great guy, and he knows how to pick the right songs.

jasmine murray: verrrrrry cute. i’m glad she got called back for the wildcard, because i think that she has serious potential. tonight she sang “i’ll be there,” and first of all, this is probably one of my favorite songs…i don’t know why, but i love it 🙂 i think that she did a good job…very safe choice, but she performed well 🙂 she’s got a big voice for such a young girl.

kris allen: i like him. he’s fun and young, and i’m sure he’s got a huuuuuge fan base…especially of teen girls that are totally bummed that he’s married – haha. he sang “remember the time,” and i loved it. he rocked out on his guitar and had fun…very jason mraz (randy even said that!! i thought it first, though) i think that he likes the stage 🙂

allison iraheta: she is beyond cute. she’s this little latin spitfire, and even though she’s only 16, she has one of the biggest voices ever…i would compare her to kelly clarkson. i think she’s phenomenal. she sang “give into me”…let me rephrase that – she ROCKED “give into me.” i think we’ll be seeing her for a long time 🙂

anoop desai: anoop doggy dog! this guy cracks me up. i’m totally stoked that he made it into the top 13…i’m also stoked that he picked “beat it.” love that song. i think he did a pretty good job 🙂 i mean, it wasn’t my favorite performance of the night, but it wasn’t horrible…he had fun 🙂 i do agree with paula that no one can really touch that song other than michael himself.

jorge nunez: i love puerto ricans 🙂 he has so much life and such a great attitude. i love this guy…watching his story made me cry! shocker. he sang “never can say goodbye,” and i think that he did a fine job. he has a beautiful voice, but it just wasn’t my favorite song. i still like him 🙂

megan joy: i looooooove her sound. she’s so unique, and i just love her. i think that she is so fun…and someone that i would be friends with – haha 🙂 tonight, she sang “rockin’ robin” and was AWESOME. the judges didn’t think it was as great as i did, but i thought she totally rocked it. also, i think that she’s gorgeous.

adam lambert: um, come on? could anyone deny that this guy is totally awesome? he toured with the cast of WICKED for crying out loud. we all know that he rocks, and he is so different from all of the other contestants, and totally blows me away. tonight, adam sang “black and white,” and like always, he totally rocked. this dude can sing for realllllz.

matt giraud: i am sooooo glad that he got called back for the wildcard…i was so hoping that he would get through to the top 12…uh, 13. haha. he is so talented, and i’m excited to see what he conitinues to do. i love it when he plays the piano and lets his soulfulness shine…like he did tonight when he sang “human nature.” i just really like this guy.

alexis grace: this girl is so cool. she also has a uniqe sound, and i think that she has a pretty big future ahead of her. she was the first one voted in to the top 12/13, and she totally deserved it 🙂 she always rocks, and tonight’s “dirty diana” was no different. she’s such a cute little thing, but she can belt it out.

whew. rest assured, next week’s will be shorter 🙂 i just love this show. also, something is supposed to change with the voting tomorrow, and i’m anxious to see what it is…i’m guessing that the judges are going to have more of a say in things…we’ll see 🙂

currently watching: american idol – duh 🙂


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