i know i just wrote about summer coming a couple of days ago, but i was reminded again last week that summer is indeed on its way when i heard the first low croaks of our bullfrogs. every summer night, i’m serenaded to sleep by a chorus of bullfrogs and crickets, and i love it. when i heard the first one the other day, it was just like music to my ears (i know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true). each day, they’ve been getting louder and more frogs have been joining in, and like i said, it may be lame, but i love it. just another sign that summer is coming, and for that, i’m grateful 🙂

currently watching: catwoman…i thought i’d give this movie a shot…

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  1. bekahlynn

    bullfrogs remind me of camping as a kid. and crickets. i love the sound too.

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