american idol recap: week two.

michael: um…i missed this one 😦 but, i bet that he did a good job, but didn’t blow it out of the water. he’s a very likeable guy, but not american idol in my opinion.

allison: “blame it on your heart” she rocccccccks. this girl is amaaaaazzzzzzing. seriously.

kris: “to make you feel my love” he is amazing. and beautiful. simon even gave him a thumbs up

lil: “independence day” i looooove this song, i love lil, but this wasn’t my favorite song for her. i don’t care, i still love her. she deserves to be in this competition for a long time.

adam: “ring of fire” um…i love adam, but i don’t know if i was really into his performance tonight…i’ll give him props for uniqueness.

scott: “wild angels” everyone loves him. i think that the beginning was a little shaky, but i still think that he’s awesome 🙂 i love when he plays those keys 🙂 i’m so proud of simon for sticking up for scott when paula was calling his piano a crutch.

alexis grace: “jolene” i like her. i think she’s super cute, and she’s got a strong voice. that being said, brooke white sang this song last season, and i liked her version better.

danny gokey: “Jesus, take the wheel” i just have to say his first and last name for some reason. okay, the first time i heard this song, i cried, and (shocker) i cried again tonight. i love him. he deserves so so much. he is amazing.

anoop: “you were always on my mind” i love this song, and i have to say that i actually liked anoop’s version of it. i think that he totally redeemed himself and did awesome tonight 🙂

megan joy: “walkin’ after midnight” i have to say that i absolutely love her. i think that she is gorgeous and extremely talented. she better at least get a recording contract out of this. she sang incredibly AND she has the flu. she rocks.

matt: “so small” um…he was awesome. probably one of the top performers in my opinion. i love him on the piano, and i think that he is beyond talented. i love love love him. he’s going to be the underdog in this competition…like the one that sneaks up on everyone.

my favorite from the night: watching paula stumble over the word “authenticity.” bahahaha. okay, really, probably either matt or danny. i think that they are totally on the top.

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