american idol recap: week three.

motown week. love it 🙂

matt: “let’s get it on” oh man. i have no words. well, i have words, but i don’t want to publish them…hahaha. i’m just kidding. kind of 🙂

kris: “how sweet it is” how sweet it is is right. i love this guy. didn’t really like his shirt much, but his voice is amazing.

scott: “you can’t hurry love” i’m so glad that he stayed true to himself and played the piano 🙂 also, i really liked his version of this song. it was fun 🙂

megan: “for once in my life” i just love her voice. she’s so different, and i love it. even though she has some…interesting dance moves, i think that she’s fantastic 🙂 i disagree with the judges.

anoop: “ooh baby, baby” i have to say that i think he did a good job tonight. although there were times the falsetto was a little shaky, i think that overall, it was very smooth and sweet.

michael: “ain’t too proud to beg” like i’ve said, i think he’s a super guy, but he won’t win. i will say that i liked this week better than last week 🙂

lil: “heat wave” i love this girl. she is so powerful. she wanted to make aretha, diana and gladys proud, and i think she did.

adam: “the tracks of my tears” he is so beautiful. he is totally working his resemblance to elvis presley. also, he was looking sort of like kurt russell. i love him. love him.

danny: “get ready” this guy is off the chain. he’s so fun, so talented and so good at entertaining. love him. he didn’t listen to smokey, though…which i think is weird. oh well, i still think he rocks 🙂

allison: “papa was a rolling stone” um…i think it’s safe to say that she’s incredibly amazing. she blows my mind every week. i think that she’s fascinating. she’s incredible. i can’t get enough of her.

favorite of the night: hmmm…this is so hard. i think that it’s probably allison. or adam. or matt. i liked those three the best. i also liked when simon drew a mustache on paula’s face. bahahaha.

“to be a star, you’ve got to be conceited.” simon cowell. bahaha.

“i’ve got six words for you: one of the best performances of the night.” cara dioguardi. um…that’s eight words.

currently watching: american idol…on dvr because i had to watch LOST 🙂


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  1. hannahmariewatts

    a few things that nobody but you will care about:

    1. i know the words that you can’t publish & i know that i said the same ones. and i’m pretty mad he was in the bottom 3.
    2. shirt or no shirt, kris allen is my future husband. i voted for him 60 times this week.
    3. i liked scott’s version of the song and i thought it was awesome that he stuck it to paula and played the piano. but i’m ready for him to go home.
    4. i LOVE megan’s voice. i would totally buy her cd. no, she definitely cannot dance.
    5. anoop bores me. i wrote a paper while he sang.
    6. goodbye construction man.
    7. lil–missed her due to LOST (duh) but i forgot about her! ha!
    8. adam didn’t scare me like last week. he is beautiful but he has weird lips. they look chapped all the time.
    9. danny is amaaazing. but not as amazing as kris. and i don’t listen to smokey either…
    10. i didn’t get to see her either but LOVE her.

    also, LOST. um, yes please.

    and lastly, i love you.

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