i know myself.

so i’ve been looking back over some of my older posts…actually all of them…i’m categorizing them 🙂  how lame is that?  i think it’s pretty sweet, actually.  anyway, the point of all of this is that i read a post from october talking about how much i loved the crisp fall air, then i predicted that about halfway through february i’d start missing the warmth of summer, and man.  i was right.  i’ve been CRAVING summer for at least a month now.  i can’t wait to feel the sun on my face.  i love summer clothes.  they’re so bright and light, and i just love them.  i know that i’ve recently written about summer several times, so i guess you know how excited i am…i’m just ready for summer 🙂

currently watching: no reservations…i never get tired of this movie.

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