this post is absolutely pointless, but for some reason, i just feel like i need to say that i think my last title was absolutely stupid.  “i know myself”…?  i hope so!  i’ve known myself for almost 23 years!  what a dumb thing to say.  i guess this entire post has been pretty dumb too, then huh?  on a complete side note, i’m really excited about all of the bridesmaids dresses that i have to wear in the THREE weddings that i’m in this summer 🙂  they’re all awesome.  that really is all, i guess.  what a waste of time.  sorry i wasted yours if you read this.

currently listening to: ben-hur in the background.  i’ve never actually seen this movie, and although the COMmie in me says that i need to because it’s a film that defines films, i’m really not that interested.

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  1. Tiffany

    Don’t feel bad. I thought Citizen Kane was the biggest waste of time I’d ever, well, wasted.

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