american idol recap: week four.

iTunes downloads…weird theme.

anoop: “caught up” (usher) it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really that awesome either.  i mean, i don’t necessarily think it was as big of a train wreck as simon thought it was, but i wasn’t crazy about it.

megan: “turn your lights down low” (bob marley & lauryn hill) i think you either love megan or you hate her.  i love her, but i don’t really think that this was her best night.  i’m kind of sad to say that, though.

danny gokey: “what hurts the most” (rascal flatts) i love danny, but i don’t exactly think this was his best.  i know simon was in love with it, but maybe i just think i’ve heard better from him.  maybe i’m crazy.

allison: “don’t speak” (no doubt) i don’t really know what was going  on with her hair, but this girl is AMAZING.  i love her.  she blows my mind.  i did like her bangs, though 🙂

scott: “just the way you are” (billy joel) i think that this is the best that scott has done in weeks.  i totally enjoyed it.  i’m so glad that the judges thought so too.  although, i honestly don’t think he’ll win, i loved him tonight.

matt: “you found me” (the fray) i LOVE him.  i don’t care what paula says, i thought that matt was awesome.  paula is stoned.  i can’t believe that none of the judges liked this.

lil: “i surrender” (celine dion) i liked it.  i think that she stepped out of her comfort zone, and rocked this song.  i do agree that maybe the song was a little “old,” but she sang beautifully.

adam: “play that funky music” (wild cherry) i love him.  i also love it when he does his hair like elvis 🙂  hahaha. i think i have an elvis fixation problem.  hahaha.  i really did like his version of this song though…very fun 🙂  and he’s just crazy good.

kris: “ain’t no sunshine” (bill withers) um, he is beautiful.  i’m serious.  i loved this song.  i loved seeing him play the keys, i thought that he was awesome tonight.  loooooove him.

favorite of the night: adam and kris…i also loved matt, and i think the judges are nuts.

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