american idol recap: week five.

tonight’s theme was music from the year they were born…i love this theme 🙂

danny gokey: “stand by me” i would say that this performance was pretty fun…maybe not his best, but i totally love him.

kris: “all she wants to do is dance” okay, i thought that it was weird that he was singing in the middle of the crowd, but i still love kris.  this probably wasn’t my favorite, but i still really liked it…i thought it was fun 🙂

lil: “what’s love got to do with it?” i love this song 🙂  and i love lil.

anoop: “true colors”  i love this song…it was in my cheerleading music one year.  haha.  i liked anoop tonight.

scott: “the search is over” i didn’t think that this was as bad as the judges did, but i don’t think he’s the best.  i still think that he’s got a great heart 🙂

allison: “i can’t make you love me”  i know i say it every week, but i love her.  she has such a big voice.

matt: “part-time lovers” i absolutely love him.  i think that everyone forgets about him for some reason, but i think that he rocks.

adam: i am so mad.  my stupid dvr didn’t record since it went over, and i missed his performance.  i bet i can give my opinion without hearing it – awesome!  he blows my mind every week…this guy is amazing.  – or something like that 🙂  i think i’ll try and find it online.

my favorite of the night: matt…i didn’t get to see adam, but i’m sure he would be tied with matt 🙂

i know that i’m a little late in posting this, but i had to postpone watching tonight because i was busy freezing my butt off at a baseball game.  it was fun, but deffffffinitely cold.  my feet were numb.  hahaha.  i still can’t believe how cold it was today.

currently watching: america’s funniest home videos.  i can’t get enough of this show.


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