he lives.

whenever i think about what today is all about, i can’t help but get emotional.  it completely blows my mind that even while we were sinners, Christ loved us so much to give his life so that we could live.  he was beaten and bruised, humiliated and killed for us.  i just can’t even grasp that.  and that’s not even the end of the story – here’s the best part: he is risen.  he’s alive!  there’s an empty tomb.  Jesus conquered death.  michael talked about this today, and the two things that stuck with me the most were these:

1. Christianity isn’t a religion based solely on a belief or even on a person.  it’s based on an event: the death and RESURRECTION of our savior, Jesus Christ.

2. that empty tomb.  when mary magdalene, joanna and mary went to the tomb that day, the one and a half ton stone had been rolled away, and it was empty.  here is what michael said about that:  the stone wasn’t rolled away so that Jesus could get out (he walks through a door later!!), it was rolled away so that the women (we) could see inside.  i love that.

we serve such a powerful and loving God, and i am completely awestruck.  he’s alive!  we win 🙂

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