american idol recap: week six.

okay, i know i’m a little late, but i didn’t get home until close to midnight last night, so i just now watched last night’s episode.  it seems weird to call them episodes for some reason…

theme: movie songs (love this theme)

allison: “don’t want to miss a thing” okay, i love this song, but i have to say that david cook sang it last year and ROCKED it.  i still think allison rocks, but it just wasn’t the best to me.

anoop: “everything i do, i do for you” i totally thought anoop did a great job.  he has really mastered these slow ballad-y songs, but is not so good at the fast fun ones.  oh well, he sounded good this week.

adam: “born to be wild” okay, what is there to say about adam that hasn’t been said?  he’s awesome…keeps everyone guessing about what he’s going to do…he rocks.

matt: “have you ever really loved a woman?” i love matt.  i love him on keys.  i think he had a little pitch issue at one point, but i love him.

danny gokey: “endless love” i thought that danny sounded really good tonight…probably my favorite of his for the past couple of weeks.  love danny.

kris: “falling slowly” i like kris a lot 🙂  i’m glad that he picked a song that he loves…”once” isn’t exactly the most well-known film 🙂

lil: “the rose” i can’t hear this song without thinking of napoleon dynamite.  bahahahaha.  that being said, i think that she did a beautiful job singing, but it just wasn’t really that special or anything.  and i liked her hair 🙂

favorite of the night: quentin tarantino.  this guy is crazy.  and brilliant.

currently watching: last night’s american idol 🙂


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