i love my dog.

i’m sure that you’ve heard me talk about it before, but i am sort of obsessed with my dog.  my buddy.  i just love him.  sometimes i talk to him like he’s a human…i know that makes me one of those crazy dog people, but i guess i sort of am. i just love my dog.

my buddy :)

he likes catching popcorn in his mouth.  playing fetch with tennis balls or stuffed bears.  eating eggs for dinner.  going for walks/runs around the neighborhood.  being in the front yard instead of the back.  going to blue ridge.  having his belly rubbed.

he hates when the answering machine picks up.  thunderstorms.  grapes.  bananas.  carrots.  guns.  fireworks (one of the funniest stories in my life).  going to the groomer.

currently listening to: whatever hallmark movie my parents are watching in the living room…sounds intense.  ha,

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