i am completely terrified of tornadoes.  i always have been.  in fact, when i was younger, i was so scared of tornadoes, that i was even scared of thunderstorms, because in my head, the only time there was ever a tornado was when it was storming.  and i’ll even admit that up until high school…or maybe even my first year in college, i slept in my parents’ bedroom when it stormed.  i know that’s ridiculous, but i sort of panic.  now, i love thunderstorms…at least during the day – haha.  i really do love lightning and thunder, but i still totally freak at the mention of a tornado.  last sunday, the weatherman said all day that there would be thunderstorms that night, but no chance of tornadoes.  well, it started storming, and probably five minutes later, we were under a tornado WARNING.  needless to say, i flipped out.  so it was storming tonight, and then it started hailing, and here i sit.  in the basement.  with all of the most important things in my life.  call me pathetic, but it is what it is.  on a side note, i love that my dog always wants to be with me when it’s storming.  it’s funny because he is completely petrified of thunderstorms, but it’s like he wants to make sure that i’m safe 🙂  i love him…hence my last post.

currently watching: the office 🙂  i loooooooooove this show 🙂


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