saturday slip-up…?

sooooooo, the slip-up is that i forgot to do the friday fave!!  the funny thing is that i thought about it alllllll day, but i just got distracted with first, my happy birthday post, and then second, bekah‘s party 🙂  not to brag of anthing, but tracy and i are awesome MOHs…and party planners 🙂  which leads me to my friday fave…

i actually had two favorite things from last week.  one is the aforementioned party…and i’m thinking that my favorite part was making a complete fool of myself playing ipod idol.  best game ever.  my other favorite thing from last week was getting to see an old friend of mine and his family at his baseball game 🙂  i had a good week.

oh, sidenote: i looooooove that we are officially going on vacation may 15-22.  we’re going to the beach for a couple of days and then cruisin’ the bahamas…which i’m totally stoked about because i’ve never been on a cruise 🙂

okay, last thing: i can’t wait for tiffany and kyle‘s wedding tomorrow!  although we haven’t known each other a super-long time or anything, kyle and tiffany have grown to be very dear friends of mine, and i couldn’t be more excited for them.  they’re so perfect for each other, and i’m glad that i get to see them start their life together…and celebrate at one awesome party 🙂 also, tiffany and i have a lot of freakishly similar qualities, which always makes for a pretty fun time 🙂

currently listening to: my mom type on her computer…i love the sound of typing 🙂

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