american idol recap: week eight.

the theme this week was songs from the rat pack…which i looooooove!  also, i know i missed last week, but by wednesday, i felt like it was too late, soooooo i’m back on for this week 🙂

kris: “the way you look tonight” he is incredible.  um…not to mention beautiful.

allison: “someone to watch over me” beautiful.  i loved seeing her toned down this week.  i will buy her album…she is awesome.

matt: “my funny valentine” oh man.  i know that some people don’t feel this way, but i love matt giraud.  i think that he’s wonderful, and when he makes an album, i’ll buy it too.  and i liked his hat 🙂

danny: “come rain or come shine” i know that danny’s great, but i’ve been pretty bored with him the last several weeks.  that being said, i thought danny nailed his song this week.  he was incredible tonight.

adam: “feeling good”  this guy is absolutely mind-blowing to me.  i think that he is…there isn’t even a good enough word to describe him.

favorite of the night: when jamie foxx said (about adam) “he’s gonna knock everybody’s head off.”  hahaha.  okay, but really, it’s too hard for me to pick a favorite now.  it’s hard enough to pick who is my least favorite at this stage.  also, these top 5 are just incredible.

paula (about adam): “with every performance we see it’s like watching the olympics, and you’re like our michael phelps.”

currently watching: american idol.


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