friday fave.

i remembered!!

okay, i have two faves from this past week…

1. tiffany & kyle‘s wedding 🙂  this wedding was a blast.  it was probably the shortest ceremony i’ve ever been to, and it was just so perfect for them.  i loved seeing them get married…they are definitely made for each other 🙂

2. the drive down to savannah…well, guyton to be exact.  today, i left woodstock with tracy, we picked up bekah in gwinnett, sat through RIDICULOUS traffic, stopped in some podunk town to eat waffle house, and just totally had a blast.  i love them both so much, and i’m so blessed to call them my best friends 🙂

currently watching: the devil wears prada…and bek’s aunt brenda piddle around in the kitchen…she’s cute 🙂


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One response to “friday fave.

  1. Tracy Kase

    piddle… really? bahaha.

    love you, too. 🙂

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