not ashamed.

i’m pretty sure that i’ve written about it before, but i am a complete spaz when it comes to tornadoes.  i’m sure everyone reading this has had to put up with my anxiety (mostly via text messages). the truth is, though, that i am not ashamed at all about how ridiculous i am.  i just have to know that the people i love are safe.  i want to make sure that they know what’s going on.  i have always caught so much crap from my family for this habit…also because i get together some stuff like tennis shoes, blue jeans, a baseball cap, makeup, my pillow, my computer…you know, the essentials 🙂  like i said, i don’t care.  i’m going to be prepared, and if i didn’t do all that stuff, i think my anxiety would absolutely tear me apart.  i guess it’s sort of a defense mechanism to make sure that i maintain my sanity…haha 🙂  it is what it is.  i’ve always been like this, and always will, and i really don’t mind.  i’ll admit that i can sometimes freak out too much, but i think it’s okay…so to everyone that i harass with my “are you safe?” text messages: get used to it.  i love you and just want to make sure you’re safe 🙂

currently watchin: the best bbq in georgia…i think.  my dad picked it…shocker.

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