american idol: week nine.

rock and roll week…awesome 🙂  this is a fun genre.

adam: “whole lotta love”  i mean, who didn’t know that he would kill this?  he’s incredible…totally rock and roll…and his vocals.  wow.

allison: “cry baby” holy crap.  like adam, we all knew that she would just slaughter this song.  i think that allison is phenomenal.  and her hair looked freakin’ awesome this week 🙂

kris: “come together” i love this song.  i love kris.  this isn’t even his genre, and i think he still totally rocked 🙂  cara is full of crap.

danny: “dream on” well, i love danny, but this wasn’t exactly the best in my opinion.  it wasn’t bad, but eh.

fave of the night: realizing that the concert tickets go on sale this saturdayyyyyyy!  yeah!

side note: cara was driving me absolutely insane tonight.  blech.

currently watching: american idol

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