friday fave :)

la la la.  my friday fave…i’ll have to think about this one.

my favorite moment from last week was probably…i don’t know…registering?  i know that’s lame, but i loved that i’m finally there.  it’s finally permanent and official.  i will start classes on May 28th.  holy cow…that’s in 20 days.  also, i guess my other favorite thing was shopping with my mom and brother today…i actually found a bathing suit…or three!  if you really know me, then you know how picky i am…hahaha 🙂

oh no.   i just remembered one other awesome thing.  this picture:


my uncle took that picture of my great grandfather (he’s 94 i think), and i am absolutely in love with it.  i got it printed for my mom and grandmother (his daughter) for mother’s day, and i think that they’ll absolutely love it.

currently watching: a little cutie-poo boy sleep…and miss congeniality 2.

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