okay, most people who know me really well know that i’m sort of obsessed with titanic.  the movie and the tragedy in general.  i don’t know what it is that is so completely captivating, but i’m just in love with it.  some people are obsessed with the holocaust…i’m obsessed with titanic.  (sidenote: i’m interested in the holocaust too, but not quite to the level that i am with the sinking of titanic)

the tragedy: can you even imagine what it would have been like to be on this “unsinkable” ship?  brand new.  beautiful woodwork.  gilded sconces.  the “ship of dreams.”  only it turned out to be a nightmare.  i just can’t even fathom what must have been going through their heads.  the ones who surely knew they would die.  the ones who were left all alone to face america.  i jsut feel like all those third-class passengers whose lives were lost only because others believed that they weren’t good enough…they weren’t worth enough.  those people deserve to be remembered too.  not just the stories of isador and ida strauss who went down together after more than forty years of marriage.  not just captain smith who was rumored to be retiring after titanic’s maiden voyage.  not just the band who played together until the very end.  every single one of the 1,517 souls that drowned deserve to have their story told.  maybe that’s why i’m obsessed…?  because i feel like someone should care.

the film: in my opinion, james cameron is a filmic genius.  the film is beautiful – both the storyline and the art direction.  i think he did a phenomenal job trying to convey the well-known passengers (bruce ismay, molly brown, etc.) as well as weave in a story of his own.  who knows…maybe there really was a jack and rose.  the beauty of this film completely captivates me, and as lame as it sounds, it moves me every time.  maybe that’s just because i’m in love with everything about titanic or maybe it’s because i’m just overly emotional and get sucked into any film.  whatever it is, no matter how many times i watch it, i always want to know more.  see more.  also, i think that kate winslet is a brilliant actress.  and leo dicaprio.  in fact, i think everyone in that film did a great job.  one more thing: i am completely in awe of how far james cameron threw himself into the mysteries of the great ship.  he went down on expeditions, and even produced a documentary called “ghosts of the abyss.”  he is a true director.

there you go.  that’s how i feel about the “ship of dreams” and the film that made it even more famous than it already was.

currently watching:  um…do i really need to tell you?


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