bermuda, bahama – come on, pretty mama

okay, so on friday, my family and i are leaving to go on vacation.  we’re starting out in a condo on the beach, and then on monday, we leave to go on a five-day cruise of the bahamas.  i can’t wait.  first of all: i desperately need a vacation.  i can’t wait to just be away and without responsibilities.  second of all: i’ve never been on a cruise, and i’m totally stoked!  i know that it’s going to be a blast…i can’t believe that it’s actually this weekend, though.  i’m starting to stress a little trying to make sure that i have everything i need, which is funny, because stressing to go on vacation is a little ridiculous.  oh well.  i’m just so excited! on a sad note, however, i just realized tonight that i’ll be missing the american idol finale.  i’m really not excited about that, but i’m trying not to think about it.  vote for kris!

currently watching: dancing with the stars


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