american idol recap: week ten.

tonight was judges’ choice and contestants’ choice of songs…i like this theme a lot, because it gives the judges a chance to pick the song that they think is best for the contestants after weeks of hounding them about song choice.

danny: “dance little sister” & “you are so beautiful” i think that danny is great, but i don’t think that he’s the next american idol…i am excited about seeing him in concert, though!

kris: “apologize” & “heartless” i love him.  cara can kiss it, because i think that she’s full of crap.  i think that kris totally rocked.

adam: “one” & “crying” i mean, what can i say.  adam is extremely talented.  in my opinion, he’s definitely in the top two…i think that we all know who i’m voting for, though…

vote for kris!

currently watching: america’s funniest home videos.  i love this show…probably too much.

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  1. Heidi

    I have liked Kris since the top 12. Not an Adam hater, I just like Kris better.

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