season finale week.

although two of my shows (one tree hill & american idol) end next week, it seemed like this was season finale week…well, maybe only for america’s next top model, LOST and the office, but whatever…that’s like half of my favorite shows 🙂

antm: i have to say that i would have been completely happy with either of the final two contestants being named america’s next top model, so i was happy to see teyona win 🙂  i think that the thing that gave her an edge is that she really really wanted it.  she rocks.  i still love this show no matter how crazy tyra is 🙂

LOST: words cannot describe last night’s episode.  i laughed.  i cried.  my mind was blown (duh.).  it was an incredible finale to an incredible season.  i won’t give anything away on here just in case, but holy crap.  it was phenomenal. i can’t believe that next season is the last season.  side note: tiffany and i are planning some AWESOME parties that will probably start in august.  keep your eyes out for that 🙂

the office: tonight’s episode was awesome.  also, jim and pam are pregnant!!!!!!!!  i cried.  shocker.  i love this show.  it’s actually ridiculous.  it’s probably the only show that i will actually laugh out loud in even when i’m watching it by myself.  i just love it…in case you didn’t figure that out 🙂

i guess this post was pointless…like a lot of my other ones are, but whatever.  you read it.

currently listening to: the whir of my fan.

currently thinking about: how i haven’t started packing yet, and we’re leaving in less than 12 hours.  what else is new?


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  1. tracekase

    ahhhh!!! i shouldn’t have read this! i haven’t watched ANTM yet!!! boooo. haha.

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