friday fave.

hmmmm…let me think.  ohhhhh.  this is a hard one (insert joke here).  i’m going to go with my friday fave is that i’ve been on vacation all week…first to florida and then to the bahamas.  and i’ve never been on cruise before until now, so that was pretty awesome too.  pictures and recap coming soon 🙂

currently listening to:  my dad talk nonsense about something.



Filed under just for funsies :)

2 responses to “friday fave.

  1. Insert joke here – That’s what she said! Ha!!!!

    I know, I’m dirty….sorry 🙂

  2. amandafrisbee

    bahaha – that’s exactly the joke i intended! i just didn’t want to make a joke on my own statement…a little too michael scott 🙂

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