and so it begins.

today marks the beginning of a couple of crazy weeks in my life.  i start classes today.  sunday is bekah‘s shower at my house…and probably a million people.  then school again all week, and then it’s THE weekend…well, it’s bekah & matt’s wedding weekend 🙂  thursday – bachelorette, friday – nails/rehearsal/rehearsal dinner, saturday – WEDDING!!! i am so excited to see two of my best friends get married…FINALLY!  haha.  theeeeeen, it’s school again, and another wedding weekend!  this time, it’s my friend kristen…we’ve known each other since we were two.  holy cow.  that’s 21 years.  anyway, it’s sort of the same weekend deal with kristen, only her wedding is on sunday…and i’m so excited about that too!  i absolutely love her fiance and think that they are perfect matches for each other 🙂  i guess it doesn’t seem like that much, but i have the feeling that the next 2 1/2 weeks are going to be crazy busy for me…and i can’t wait!

currently watching: days of our lives…and thinking about how soon i’ll be sitting in class.

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