he’s dead. she’s dead. he’s dead.

it is very weird to me that in the last two days, three cultural icons have died.

ed mcmahon – famous as beings johnny carson’s sidekick.  i feel like he always had a smile on his face whenever i saw him.  i cried a little when i found out that he died.

farrah fawcett – a golden girl that will forever be remembered as one of charlie’s angels.  she was so beautiful, and i actually cried a little when she died, but only because the circumstance just hit a little close to home.

michael jackson – some of the best music of the 20th century came directly from him.  people all over the world know him.  i still can’t really believe that he’s dead, but i probably wouldn’t cry anyway.  i’m still pretty sad.  i’m a big fan of his music.

i guess it’s pathetic that i just wrote a blog post about three people that i’ve really never met, but they were just big personalities that america fell in love with (even if they fell out of love with m.j.)

currently watching: jeopardy!

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One response to “he’s dead. she’s dead. he’s dead.

  1. nicoley

    it is really sad. 😦
    love you friend.

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