movie review: my sister’s keeper

okay, i would give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

the acting was phenomenal…brilliant even.  cameron diaz couldn’t have done a better job.  abigail breslin, sophia vassilieva, jason patric, evan ellingson and alec baldwin were each incredible as well.  there couldn’t have been a better cast for this film.

the reason that i wouldn’t give it 5 out of 5 stars is because i read the book.  there were, of course, some subtle plot changes and character changes, but there was just one pretty big one that really disappointed me.  i don’t really understand how it works when your book becomes a movie, but i’m surprised that jodi piccoult signed off on this plot change.  if i hadn’t read the novel, i would have thought the movie itself was amazing.  that being said, i’ll probably never watch it again – way toooo many tears.  if you go see it, take some kleenex.  for real.

currently listening to: whatever my brother is watching…i think man vs. wild.  and i also think that this show is dumb.



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3 responses to “movie review: my sister’s keeper

  1. bettyharlan64

    Your blog makes me want to go see this movie as soon as possible! You did a great job…
    However….not to be critical… but did you start sentences with a lower case letter on purpose?
    Also, instead of I which is always correct, you entered “i”……. which, when referring to yourself is I.

  2. i have to say that i would not have chosen alec baldwin for that role.
    but i totally agree about the plot change. not even cool that they did that.

  3. amandafrisbee

    i like alec baldwin 🙂 they changed his character a lot from book to film, and i would have liked to see him more like the book. and yeah, i’m still pissed about the ending.

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