movie review: transformers 2

okay, so here’s a disclaimer:  i was a comm major, which has pretty much ruined all movies for me for life.  i just wanted to get that out there.  actually, it’s really only ruined crappy movies for me for life…good ones still soar 🙂

that being said, i guess i’d give this movie two out of five stars.  i really wasn’t all that impressed.  of course i like shia and josh duhamel, but the movie just wasn’t mind-blowing or anything.  it’s pretty funny to me that the reason they keep megan fox around is completely obvious.  she’s gorgeous, but not really the best actress.  i will say, though, that the special effects and the explosions were amazing.  those were probably the best part of the whole movie.  i heard others say before i saw the movie that they were shocked by all of the perverted jokes, and i have to say that i was as well.  this makes me wonder it we will ever get back to real comedy.  so much “comedy” is really just gross-out or sex humor, which (in my opinion) doesn’t really take talent.  i really hope that this fad doesn’t last, because i’m quite sick of it…and i don’t really think it’s that funny.

i would like to add, however, that i think that shia lebeouf is a great actor, and even though the movie was a little lame, he was awesome.

currently watching: regis and kelly 🙂

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