okay, i’ve heard the expression “time flies” before, but it really has flown this summer.  i can’t believe that july is already halfway over.  this summer has been absolutely crazy and fabulous.  so many things have happened:  i’ve seen three of my best friends get married (two of them to each other!!), started (and almost finished) summer classes, been to the bahamas and back, been to blue ridge and back, read seven shakespeare plays, read moby dick (which was awesome!) along with countless other things 🙂  it has truly been as wonderful as it has been chaotic, and i have loved every minute of it.  sadly, laura‘s been gone all summer, but she’s coming back soon, and i can’t wait to live with her in august!!  it’s going to be a blast 🙂  here are some other things i’m looking forward to:

– scrapbooking with trace tomorrow
– my cousin’s wedding in august
– starting fall classes
– the fall tv lineup!!
– the american idol concert!!
– my biiiiiiiiirthday 🙂

and probably a thousand other awesome things that will happen over the next few months 🙂  regardless of some of the stress that i have, i really love my life 🙂  and i really love all the people in it 🙂

currently watching: wheel of fortune…well, it just ended, so it’s almost time for JEOPARDY!!


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3 responses to “whoa.

  1. Tiffany

    I just have to be one of “those people”…you’re going to liver with Laura? Really?

  2. amandafrisbee

    bahahaha. i would do it too 🙂 aaaaaaaand yeah. i’m fixing that now 🙂

  3. tracekase

    bahahaha. liver with laura. 🙂 hilarious.

    p.s. i’m pumped about tomorrow too. i’ve been missing you.

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