so the other day, i just started thinking about this: why is it a LAW that we have to wear a seat belt?  i mean, i know it’s for our protection that we have seat belts, but why is it the law?  if you don’t wear a seat belt, and something bad happens for you, then it’s your fault.  big whoop.  there you go.  deep thoughts that i had on the way home the other day.

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  1. zsjordan

    Well Miss Amanda Sue…

    People are inherently stupid. Had to be said. And they will just think, “Oh, I’m just a block away from my house. What could possibly happen to me?” Therefore looking at the seat-belt with less importance. Then on the way home, lose control of their car, and hit a tree. They are either thrown out of the front window or their brains are slammed all over the front of their dash. Then comes the messy clean up, facilitated by our wonderful county/city firefighters or ambulatory services. For their sake, if you’re wearing a seatbelt, maybe they won’t have to spend their already real crappy night, cleaning up ya brains. In my case, I was wearing a seatbelt. So no brains that night.

    In summing, I think it’s more to force people to think of others and set a good example for maybe your kids to wear their seat belt?

    • amandafrisbee

      so it’s not really a law for our safety, it’s a law so the (law enforcement, firefighters, etc.) don’t have to deal with our stupidity. that actually makes the most sense, in my opinion 🙂 and yeah, for the record, i’m a big seat belt advocate.

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