fun(un-un-un) fact(act-act-act) friday(ay-ay-ay)!

today’s fun fact is this: i hate when my food touches.  especially if the foods have juice or something.  yuck.  and if you’re one of those “well, it all goes to the same place” people, i just have to say that although it may all go to the same place, it tastes better separately (in my opinion).  also, i usually eat my food one at a time…counterclockwise.  i know that’s totally weird, but it’s probably the most obsessive-compulsive thing that i do…and to tell you the truth, i do it without even noticing.  when i realized that i do that every time, it even weirded me out a little.  one more thing (this is like three fun fact fridays!!): if there is macaroni and cheese on my plate, i almost always start with that 🙂

currently watching: gilmore girls.


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