one of many reasons why i love the office.

today, as i was folding t-shirts (during a much-needed break from writing a 10-page paper about herman melville’s religious ambiguities and his quest for truth being reflected in ishmael and captain ahab (respectively) in moby dick…whew), i remembered a moment from season three of the office when kevin first suspects that pam and jim are together, and i laughed out loud.  it actually startled me that i audibly chuckled when thinking about it, and i thought to myself, “that is why i love the office.”  it is one of the only tv shows that i can actually laugh out loud during while i’m watching it by myself, and apparently, i don’t even have to be watching it to laugh.  it really is a funny moment, by the way 🙂

okay, back to my white whale.  oh, and for the record, even after this epic paper, i still can’t wait to re-read moby dick.

currently listening to: nothing…i’m procrastinating writing my paper…again.  oops 🙂

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