fun fact friday!

today’s fun fact is: i love georgia tech 🙂  goooooooooo jackets!  the funny thing is that everyone on my dad’s side of the family are georgia fans, which always makes for a pretty fun football season.  especially last year.  ha.  i guess i should have preceded this fun fact with one that said: i love football.  i really do.  i loooooooove it.  i love college and pro.  i do appreciate how much more drama-free pro is, but i also love the passion behind college players and the energy in the stands.  i just love watching football…especially with trace 🙂  also, i sort of get really into it…i think that’s what happens when you cheer football for six years 🙂  that’s another fun fact!  geez.  this is a pretty big post…well, it’s full of fun facts.  and alliteration 🙂

currently listening to: martha stewart talk about how to make pompoms.


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